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Timing, Life is about Anchors

The weather begins to warm up, Spring is coming.  Humidity rises as Summer looms around us.  Before we blink, sweaters reappear and the leaves begin to change colors.  As the leaves fall, Fall is upon us and before we can bring the Winter clothing from the basement to our closets, snow blankets the streets and an icy chill fills our bones.

The last six months have been an entire year of emotional seasons for me.  For my children.  For my family.  I suspect, even for my friends.  Offering support to a loved one, regardless of the situation, is demanding on one’s mind, body and soul. On any given day, I can experience all seasons in one fell swoop.  The highs are really high, as though I’ve never been happier and the lows are the lowest I’ve ever experienced.  I find that the happiness is on such an extreme level, because the chaos of traveling down the path I have been catapulted into, is enough to make everyday that my children are laughing, safe and healthy, an incredible joy of near miraculous aptitude.  Yet during any moment of any day, the wind can swing just enough in any direction, to bring down the house.

My job is to be the anchor, the glue that holds us all together.  Mom.

As the world around me began to swirl and change color faster than I could keep up, the ocean I was thrown in on November 30, 2016,  chilled my bones unlike anything I had every felt before it.  Timing.  Without being able to make sense of my children and my new life, an angelic presence appeared.  An anchor of my own.

My smile began to emerge again.  My children told me I felt lighter and happier.  I began to float through the thrashing ocean.  In all the darkness around me and the change of seasons occurring each day, the anchor I never knew existed, continued to show me the way.  The anchor and his strength were a daily shining star guiding me into a place I had no idea existed.  Timing.  My very own anchor ignited a burning warmth throughout my bones and  showed me I didn’t know I was starving, until I tasted you.  My anchor and I.

The seasons continue to swirl.  My children and I continue to sail through the deep waters of the unknown.  Anchors all around us.

Timing. Believe.  Everything happens for a reason.


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