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Another WIN -Playing Basketball For College

Ari Grant

Playing College Basketball at Pratt University

Michael has a long coaching record. Started as a Head Coach of Junior Varsity at Kent Denver private school in Colorado. 6 years spending countless nights and many early mornings and late afternoons coaching. All the while, welcoming a family into his lives with 3 children in 3 years at home.

Enjoying coaching JV yet desiring a team of  his own, wanting to design his own program and wanting more time with his new family, Michael left Kent Denver and moved to Denver Jewish Day School, another private school in Colorado, 5 years ago. Denver JDS didn’t really have a team and certainly not a program. The kids had never seen a play, were never accountable for attending practice, were never cut from the team (even if they were a senior) and never had a coach that would put his reputation on the line and get T’d up.

Michael saw the elementary and raw program at Denver JDS as a welcomed opportunity. A place he could re-write the schools athletic program, a place he could develop into a winning team and a place he could call his own.

After only a few games, the first season, many years ago, it was clear what Michael loved the most, was coaching young, wide eyed teenagers into talented and strong young men who were succeeding on the court as much as off the court. What I loved the most was having Fridays and Saturdays to observe the jewish Sabbath with Michael at home and not coaching- thus a perfect balance of family and ball.

As Michael coached his 2nd year at Denver JDS and his team was headed to the State Play Off’s, for the first time in school history, which were to be played on Shabbat and our school would have to forfeit, the families of Denver JDS rallied around this amazing coaches accomplishment and pushed CHASA into changing what days and times Denver JDS would play the state games. I will never forget working out at the gym and seeing DENVER JDS COACH MICHAEL FOONBERG….on the ESPN ticker on National TV. Michael took his team to the first state play off’s in history, making history along the way!

Years later, several state runs later, Michael has another accomplishment to celebrate – his first High School player to play College ball, Ari Grant.


Ari is a leader in his college ball program with points and rebounds. A combination of his natural born height and skills taught by his beloved Coach! Ari’s accomplishment is nothing short of awesomness!

As Michael’s strength is seen on a daily basis after our own summer of survival, it’s sure nice to have your first player go on to play college ball to help get you stronger, faster!

Only 7 months ago, I wasn’t sure if Michael would be coaching this year. As the season is underway and practices are not just in the gym but now at our Trainers gym too, another element to Michaels program has been developed-  the first game of his season is just 98 hours away, December 3, 2012. As Michael steps onto the court this year, it will mean more than in any year past. To our family, it will mean victory!

Stepping onto the court to coach will represent another miracle in our life’s path, Michaels coaching career and journey with cancer. I believe Ari will be watching from afar and routing his old high school coach to not just another run at state, but another season of many accomplishments as Michaels place isn’t just on the court for these young men but off the court as he continues to root for them, wherever they all go!

Mazel Tov Ari! To you, your family and all of your time committment it took to accomplish such a goal! 

My Ology Of The Day

Nothing is out of reach

Michael Reaches Mt. Everest

The Flag Heading To Mt. Everest

Trainers are people you see at the gym, on a weekly basis or once a month to check in with the strength training program they have built for you.

Trainers are people that greet you at the gym, guide you through a work out and send you on your way, never watching you truly walk through the door, never talking with you during the time you are not with them, never caring about your life, outside the gym and their trainer bubble.


Clint is part of our family. Clint makes me cry in the gym when I can’t lift any more and out of them gym when he showed up at the hospital this summer during Michaels treatment. Clint emails Michael and me and phones us to see how we are doing, all the time. Clint doesn’t just accept a check at the end of a training session, but comes to watch Michael coach basketball during the season. Clint doesn’t just push me in the gym, but at the bowling alley when we played spouses against spouses on a great night out!

Clint is Clint – handsome and mighty!  Clint reminds me of our youngest son, Gavin – a machine that never says never.

Clint recently made a flag for his buddy to place at the top of Mt Everest, in honor of Michael – his client, his friend. This flag is more than a flag, to us. As this flag is hauled up Mt Everest and the hikers use their inner determination, courage and inner strength to do so, it represents the same determination, courage and inner strength Michael used to accomplish BioChemo.

This flag represents Clint never saying never when training his clients and Michael never giving up on survival!

As the hikers climb Mt. Everest, a little piece of Michael does too. Michael climbed Mt. Everest this summer, in Denver while searching for survival and thus it seems all too fitting Michael is now represented at the top of the real Mt. Everest too.

Thank you for making the flag, thank you to the hikers putting their lives on the line to reach the top of Mt. Everest with the flag and thank you Clint for ….being Clint.

My Ology of The Day

Mt. Everest is in us ALL

Michaels As Strong As Drums….

Building Drum Set For Nissam

On the eve of Gavin’s 8th birthday, Michael did something I never thought he would do; build a drum set. Not only because Michael is still gaining strength from his long battle back from cancer treatment, but because Michael doesn’t build. In walks Asher, our 10 year old Engineer.

Asher wanted his younger brother, musically talented to the core, to have a new drum set as much as Michael and I did and so he dove into building his brother the dream drum set!

For 1.5 hours on a school night, without directions, Asher took control, visualized like no other 10 year old can, and built a drum set for Gavin! Just as Gavin’s hebrew name, Nissam which means Miracle, Asher performed another miracle that night – endearing his father to help in a building project like never before!

Asher taught Michael lessons that were unforeseen and unforgettable!

Asher & Michael

While Gavin slept and his older, proud brother and father built his birthday gift, much more was built that night – a building bond between Asher and Michael that was truly …..a miracle!

My Ology of the day

Miracles do happen

An Angel Is Born

The Test Results

The New Beginning For Asher

For years we were troubled with and confused by our son. Our only goal was to make him happy. One minute he was happy, the next he was chewing his hands and unable to talk to us. For years he seemed to build the most complex Lego’s yet unable to read to me. For years, he would fight us on doing homework yet find a way to fix our sprinkler system, replace a door hinge, change the tires on our bikes and much more that were far too difficult for a typical child. Yet he refused to read to us. His writing was unreadable.

For many years, Asher suffered “episodes” when his plan was changed or he was surprised by what the day had in store for him. If we had not adequately showed him his plan when he was younger or told him the plan the night before, he would not regulate well the next day.

For years, we didn’t understand our middle child. Then their was the middle child aspect and was he just that, the middle child. Did he suffer from middle child syndrome? But I am a middle child and I truly enjoyed being chosen to be jus that. I was and still am, the typical middle child – a rebel without a cause, a peacemaker with a heart of gold. I saw Asher as both…. So many questions. So much unanswered.

As this past summer fell upon us and I found myself working overtime and on autopilot -I needed to take care of Michael’s health, get Madi ready for MIddle School, keep up on Gavin’s doctor appointments and make sure Asher was not overwhelmed and always “knew the plan”, yet it still seemed like it wasn’t enough.

And then the test results, the answers, the new beginning – An Angel Was Born

Sadly, Asher’s school where he has spent countless days growing older in from Kindergarten through 3rd grade, didn’t give me the peace of mind I was looking for and as this past summer unfolded, I knew I needed to take something off “my plate” and find peace for Asher. I reached out to Denver Academy a nationally recognized school for children with Learning Differences and after many days of testing and countless tests, the results were astounding, the affect mesmerizing. Asher is a genius. Asher is brilliant. Asher has a 140 I.Q. yet Asher has a massive processing inadequacy and is Dyslexic – the words swim on the paper. Asher’s mind doesn’t allow him to take the extreme amount of brilliant information forming in his child size brain and extract that for us to see. At least not yet.

And so began Asher’s journey to extracting his brilliance and learning to read, write, spell and communicate. And so began Asher’s journey at Denver Academy. Most importantly, so began Asher’s journey to confidence and happiness – all we can ever hope for, for him!

My Ology For The Day

Never be afraid to try something new

Time Together On The Sweetest Day Of The Year

Father and Son Time 

That Is

As the Jewish New Year began, so did a Father/Son Tennis Game! It was a beautiful sunny Fall day in Colorado and with his dad Michael played a game of tennis on the most sweet of days in the Jewish calendar. It was also his first tennis game since finishing BioChemo. It was truly a magical day for all!

Harold & Michael

Michael is gaining the much needed weight and stregnth BioChemo took from him, from us. This game of tennis between two strong men, both on and off the court, was another VICTORY in the game of cancer.

My Ology Of The Day

Victory comes in a variety of forms