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Sleep Away Camp Independance For Boy Of Few Words

We say our olive skinned young man is intense.  His eyes full of interest and hours spent building, just about anything.  Learning to read became such a challenge that a special school became the solution.  Two years after being at the special school, magic began to happen.

This young boy became a young man. This quiet boy with few friends became the popular young man in his grade and loved by many in grades around him.  Sports he never wanted to try became sports he loved.

Could sleep away camp be something he could handle, let alone something he liked? Then, the unthinkable happened and sleep away camp became the most important part of this young man’s life, the piece of the puzzle that drew the boy with few words into a world where asking questions is honorable and trying new sports is a passage of summer.  This boy of few words can still make you melt with his good looks and fall to your knees with his bear hugs of love but watching him grow and see life through those intense eyes is the best place on earth and no other place I’d rather be!



The Best PET Ever

Trying to decide what pet to buy is a very big decision.  Do you buy a cat, a dog, a rabbit? Do you go big, small, furry or a creature that sleeps all day and wakes all night.

When thinking about cancer pet takes on a whole new meaning.  For us, pet is now a day at the hospital after Michael has starved himself all day awaiting the tomb he must lie in for several hours listening to a loud humming sound while I pace the hospital halls trying to pass the time by praying, writing, reading and checking in on my parents picking up the kids, all he while acting like it’s just another normal day.

My stomach begins its cycle of cramps, unable to think of food myself and a migraine takes over for the days leading up to the pet and while Michael endures his tenure I endure my own cycle of pain while keeping a smile on my face and continuing to be MOM.

Cancer might be a part of our lives but I will never let it take our lives and that means cancer will never overlap with our children’s happiness.

Yesterday, we finished enjoying another pet, PET SCAN and yesterday we enjoyed the best pet ever, another ALL CLEAR!

Michael is thriving and living well with Stage 3 Melanoma and our new PET may be loud, humming and takes away my desire to eat at times while often causes a migraine but then again, don’t all pets?


My Ology of the Day

Happiness is in the eye of the Beholder


Just shy of 24 months ago, Michael was diagnosed with Stage 3 Melanoma Cancer and so did our journey.  Friday we heard the best words to date; ALL CLEAR

There are certain milestones that one needs to meet when faced with such a diagnosis and now Michael can say he has met one of the most poignant milestones; two years of No Evidence of Disease.  It is now that Michael begins his new journey and the next big marker, large milestone, 5 year marker and as Michael and our family has done so with the last 24 months, we will face the next set of markers and tests as we check off each 3 month appointment as we have so far, with grace and dignity and ready to FIGHT!

My Ology Of The Day

Life is not what is in front of you but what you make it

No Fashion Fall

I should have been writing ALL Fall, it would have helped me feel better. I’ve always been honest with my fans, followers and family…..I lost my log in for my own website and only found it today.  Maybe a sign as today is also Michaels 22 month check up, hoping a sign of good things to come that I found the log in today and can now only report good things…good things to write.

I have been looking for my log in for months, MONTHS. I asked our companies computer technician and searched my emails for log in information but always was side tracked, which brings me to why I should have been writing…..why I continued to be sidetracked….


Writing has always been my outlet, my form of relief, my passionate way to express myself and make myelf feel better. And, I have been told I am good at it. Regardless of the latter, writing makes me feel better. I already am feeling better.

I have had two knee surgeries and will write more later, in detail but for now, I have officially decided to declare this as NO FASHION FALL for me.

I can’t fit my foot which is still swollen from my knee surgery into any shoe worth fashionable mention and my pain level is so extreme I am too exhausted to put any effort into my appearance. The only positive position I can express is that I have used my unbreakable athletic disposition to forge ahead and continue a weight and sit up along with band program using my arms and stomach all Fall which has enabled me to actually loose weight rather than gain. But I have not done a single day of Cardio since August 26, 2013.

Ology Of The Day

Fashion is a falacy yet loved by a cripple on crutches

Check Up Routine, Right?

Today marks 22 months since Michael was diagnosed with Stage 3 Melanoma Cancer and today marks another check up. Yet todays check up is anything but routine. To me, today’s check up will get Michael and our family passed the looming 24 month statistic and to me, that is nearly the most important check up, most important check up, yet.

Michael has had to battle Stage 1 Thyroid Cancer in the last year as well and battle he has.  Never complaining, never looking back, always forging ahead.

A routine check up today, marking NED or No Evidence Of Disease, will push Michael into a rare category of people that make it past the 2 year mark of living and thriving with Stage 3 Melanoma Cancer so today is anything but a routine check up.

Ology of The Day

Routine is never what you think but what you make it