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    Welcome to AnnMarieOlogy, where we discuss everything from wardrobe to whining, to wining & dining. I'm AnnMarie. I hope you enjoy your stay.

Where to start…..

Welcome to my new adventure. I am so excited you came along for the ride.

The ride of my life.

Hang on because my life is like a box of chocolate just like Forest Gump famously said…you never know what you will find.

Most of you know me from MomAdvocate TV. As the creator of the largest online MOM TV Show and host of the MomAdvocate Radio Show, I always promoted what came first in my life, family.
As most of you also have read and heard me speak about, my children are special. Not unlike yours, just different in some ways, more time consuming than most typical children and that specialness is what drove me to create an online Mom mecca. For 3 years I loved being behind the scenes building an organic and never seen before online tv network and those same 3 years I loved being in front of the camera hosting show after show.

Yet I always said I would stop if my children needed me. And now they do. You see, my husband has been diagnosed with Cancer and now both he and our children need me more than ever. So the MomAdvocate TV and Radio show has come to a temporary end as I spend my days, my nights and my heart mending the hearts of my family.
AnnMarieOlogy is now my home to everything AnnMarie and all of my thoughts, ideas and inspirations. From my passion with fashion to my kids and my husband, all of my Ologies are now in one place for you to read and follow my roller coaster of life.

I look forward to this new chapter in my life and hope you find my Ologies inspirational to you as well!

My final thought on this first post… is a present, tomorrow a gift and although my family is faced with many challenges, someone else’s family is faced with more challenges and I strongly believe I have never been given and will never be given more than I can handle.

I look forward to hearing from you and your Ologies!