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Denver Fashion Week

Recently, I was invited to attend Denver’s Fashion Week.  I went with no presumptions, no expectations and I was pleasantly entertained.  Sitting front row with my camera in tow and my date giddy in excitement to “see my world”,  the first run-way show began.

Glamorous, out of the box – especially for Denver- nearly naked women strutted down the runway!

Fantastically opportunistic event for the Denver Designers showcasing their expertise!

The evening was angelic and I felt at home.  Fashion is my passion.  Creativity is my conscious.  Denver’s Fashion Week incorporated both and left my heart feeling happy.

Scott Shaheen, a student at the Denver Art Institute, incorporates the zest, determination, creativity and strength that is admirable from afar and impressive up close.  Scott went to Northern Arizona University and received a major in CHEMISTRY – smart, handsome and confident yet unable to truly be himself, until he released his bottled up true identity.  Scott is a sexy, handsome, talented young man, who happens to be gay.

Scott chose to exit his scientific scene where stability existed and enter into a world of unknown, his inner passion of fashion.  Scott chose to be himself! Scott’s designs are fresh and extensive, intricate and appear to be from a man who has been sewing for decades. Yet Scott has not, been sewing for decades – he is a true natural as designer.  A strong family support system is evident and the times I spend with Scott are unforgettable! Remember his name, you will see this mans designs for years to come!

Although the experience and event was pleasantly pleasurable, my inner businesswoman was trying to escape all evening and the ideas of how to make the event so much better, continue to be released into my journal on a daily basis.  Yes, I am creative and a businesswoman, which gives me the foundation to take an event of this magnitude and magnify it into the next level, of which it deserves.  Of which Denver’s people want and need in order to satisfy their taste – who knows, maybe I will be creator of 2018 Denver Fashion Week.

Ology of the day

never shut down the inner ideas and never, ever stop creating

creativity calms the soul

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