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Monthly Archives: November 2016

Treatment is the Key

KEYTRUDA that is…. Reality is setting in.  Michael begins the next journey on the Melanoma Monster this week, treatment.  We have pushed treatment start date until Friday.  Friday, December 2, 2016.  For the majority of the day  “our” first treatment begins.  “Our” treatment because as we’ve experienced in the past, this isn’t solely Michaels journey, […]

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Thankfully Mindful

Thankful This Thanksgiving Of course we are. I am. But why should we only be thankful one day of the year? I THANK not! Although this turkey day opened fresh wounds of reminders of just how “lucky” we are. Thankful isn’t especially the word I would use to describe my Thanksgiving or that day of […]

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Is that a stitch?

Yup Michaels neck is sore. One spot very sore. Leave it to Asher and his IPhone light to find and say “dad that’s definitely a stitch still in your neck” Get it out! Michael was in a panic so I did what every loving wife would do….got my tweezers from my make up bag, a […]

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Pain Persists

14 days post surgery Melanoma Monster 2016 Stitches came out. Medical tape in their place. Both neck and abdomen are healing on the outside. On the outside his scars are already beginning to disappear. The inside is where the confusion lies. Michael is still super sore. Tires easy.  Lethargic. No one can understand what he […]

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