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Timing, Life is about Anchors

The weather begins to warm up, Spring is coming.  Humidity rises as Summer looms around us.  Before we blink, sweaters reappear and the leaves begin to change colors.  As the leaves fall, Fall is upon us and before we can bring the Winter clothing from the basement to our closets, snow blankets the streets and an icy chill fills our bones.

The last six months have been an entire year of emotional seasons for me.  For my children.  For my family.  I suspect, even for my friends.  Offering support to a loved one, regardless of the situation, is demanding on one’s mind, body and soul. On any given day, I can experience all seasons in one fell swoop.  The highs are really high, as though I’ve never been happier and the lows are the lowest I’ve ever experienced.  I find that the happiness is on such an extreme level, because the chaos of traveling down the path I have been catapulted into, is enough to make everyday that my children are laughing, safe and healthy, an incredible joy of near miraculous aptitude.  Yet during any moment of any day, the wind can swing just enough in any direction, to bring down the house.

My job is to be the anchor, the glue that holds us all together.  Mom.

As the world around me began to swirl and change color faster than I could keep up, the ocean I was thrown in on November 30, 2016,  chilled my bones unlike anything I had every felt before it.  Timing.  Without being able to make sense of my children and my new life, an angelic presence appeared.  An anchor of my own.

My smile began to emerge again.  My children told me I felt lighter and happier.  I began to float through the thrashing ocean.  In all the darkness around me and the change of seasons occurring each day, the anchor I never knew existed, continued to show me the way.  The anchor and his strength were a daily shining star guiding me into a place I had no idea existed.  Timing.  My very own anchor ignited a burning warmth throughout my bones and  showed me I didn’t know I was starving, until I tasted you.  My anchor and I.

The seasons continue to swirl.  My children and I continue to sail through the deep waters of the unknown.  Anchors all around us.

Timing. Believe.  Everything happens for a reason.


Denver Fashion Week

Recently, I was invited to attend Denver’s Fashion Week.  I went with no presumptions, no expectations and I was pleasantly entertained.  Sitting front row with my camera in tow and my date giddy in excitement to “see my world”,  the first run-way show began.

Glamorous, out of the box – especially for Denver- nearly naked women strutted down the runway!

Fantastically opportunistic event for the Denver Designers showcasing their expertise!

The evening was angelic and I felt at home.  Fashion is my passion.  Creativity is my conscious.  Denver’s Fashion Week incorporated both and left my heart feeling happy.

Scott Shaheen, a student at the Denver Art Institute, incorporates the zest, determination, creativity and strength that is admirable from afar and impressive up close.  Scott went to Northern Arizona University and received a major in CHEMISTRY – smart, handsome and confident yet unable to truly be himself, until he released his bottled up true identity.  Scott is a sexy, handsome, talented young man, who happens to be gay.

Scott chose to exit his scientific scene where stability existed and enter into a world of unknown, his inner passion of fashion.  Scott chose to be himself! Scott’s designs are fresh and extensive, intricate and appear to be from a man who has been sewing for decades. Yet Scott has not, been sewing for decades – he is a true natural as designer.  A strong family support system is evident and the times I spend with Scott are unforgettable! Remember his name, you will see this mans designs for years to come!

Although the experience and event was pleasantly pleasurable, my inner businesswoman was trying to escape all evening and the ideas of how to make the event so much better, continue to be released into my journal on a daily basis.  Yes, I am creative and a businesswoman, which gives me the foundation to take an event of this magnitude and magnify it into the next level, of which it deserves.  Of which Denver’s people want and need in order to satisfy their taste – who knows, maybe I will be creator of 2018 Denver Fashion Week.

Ology of the day

never shut down the inner ideas and never, ever stop creating

creativity calms the soul

Need a Script…..

No, not a prescription script, rather a script to follow everyday, in every way.  A script that guides you through life and takes you to the right places, at the right time, with the right people. I need that.

Yet I know that a script doesn’t exist.  A script to exist and guide each of us along our path to happiness, joy, good health and the right decisions, can not exist, wouldn’t exist and will never exist. If this script existed, one would never let people down,  spend too much money, eat unhealthy, judge others and countless other disappointments would be eliminated.

If this script existed, the world would be a happier and more content place.

Or would it be?

Happiness is derived from within. Strength is a result of one’s choices, paths taken and ability to reroute oneself during a difficult time in life.

If this script existed, life lessons would not.  If this script existed, empathy would never exist. If this script existed the pleasure and joy of making the right choices, would cease to exist.

Need a script……maybe not.  Learning from your mistakes and not making that mistake again, scriptlicious.

Ology of the Day

Be who you are and say what you feel.  Because those who mind, don’t matter and those who matter, don’t mind. 

Dr. Seuss


Tackling Two

Two Diet Cokes, Two dear friends of Two decades and Too much to catch up on, was my mid-day enjoyment today.

Jennifer has been one of my closest friends for nearly 20 years! We both love our Diet Coke more than most and we both love our individual abilities to flop all over from one idea to another often without noticing we changed subjects.

Two classes I shared with Jenn. I am taking two more Fashion Courses next quarter. Two days two classes too excited!

Advanced Fashion Observational Drawing and Theory by Digital Color will now be a big part of my upcoming Tuesday and Thursdays.

Watching Jenn beam with excitement and glow at her new possibilities she is about to launch, two friends together two lives always entertaining and loving one another’s individualness!

Ology of the Day

take time to smell the togetherness of friends 

Fashionably Free Spirited

I was recently told I am a free spirit.  I have not heard those words to describe me for many, many years.  It felt great to hear my ora has come back and the enthusiastic, outgoing, mind wondering, free spirited me has been released again and people have taken notice.

Growing up my friends and parents said I never shut up and never sat still.  In 5th grade on a field trip to Mesa Verde (and my dad was one parent chaperone) I was given the award for Asking the Most Questions that week – Growing up my parents said I fret from one idea, one place, one concept to another to another.  I was rebellious and artistic.  Creative and stylish.  My parents were the staple in my life and gave me the foundation I now give our children; never change, be yourself and never settle for anything for anyone. You are perfectly perfect just the way you are.

I am back in a Fashion Design program at the Colorado Art Institute and the comfortable feeling I have during class and with my peers is affirming.  My people.  My passion.

I sold a dozen of my hand designed inspirational cards to a local print shop.

I am working on teaching Fashion History next Fall.  I am me.  I am happy.

Ology of the day

Never change for anyone. Never make someone change for you.